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Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement (Illegal Downloading & File Sharing)

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted works, such as books, movies, photographs, video games, music and software, is a violation of federal copyright law. TCU supports strict compliance with federal laws regarding copyright infringement. Anyone who engages in illegal copying shall be subject to disciplinary action under TCU’s policies and may be sued in federal court by the copyright owner.

Refer to TCU Security Services for Digital Copyright Information regarding internet violation notices.

TCU does not monitor what pages a student views while connected to the TCU Network.  Notices of Copyright Infringement are provided to TCU by the owner of the material.  These notices inform TCU that a user connected to the TCU Network has violated federal copyright infringement laws.  TCU has developed a response in coordination with TCU Information Technology department to respond swiftly and appropriately to alleviate any additional copyright infringement from occurring.


Suspected violations of this policy will normally be handled through TCU disciplinary procedures applicable
to the relevant user. In the course of such disciplinary procedures, TCU may:

  • Suspend a user’s access to University Computing Resources
  • Refer suspected violations of applicable laws to appropriate law enforcement agencies