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Discipline Verification (Background Checks)

Discipline Verification (Background Checks)

Conduct records are educational records protected by FERPA. As such, the Campus Life Dean’s Office does not share information regarding conduct records with anyone outside of TCU without a student’s written consent, except in certain limited circumstances.

If you are applying to graduate school or a study abroad program, you may be informed that you need to have a Dean’s Verification form completed. If your school has provided a form for completion, please sign the form in the appropriate location and deliver it to the Campus Life Dean’s Office. You may deliver it by e-mail to or dropping it off in our office located in Sadler Hall, suite 2006.

You may have concerns about what impact your disciplinary record may have on your application. The most important thing for you to do is to honestly and accurately respond to the questions posed to you on the application.

If you are unsure of how to answer the questions, you may contact the Campus Life Dean’s Office at (817) 257-7926.