The Dean of Students Office recognizes the important role parents and family members play when their student needs advice or is in distress.  We endeavor to provide you with information about campus resources to assist your student.  Our office encourages parents and family members to empower their students to use the resources that are available to them.  The Dean’s office is available to consult with parents.

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Parent Resources

Campus Resources

The following is a list of campus resources that our staff is frequently in contact with regarding student concerns. Please contact one of these offices for further information about their services and programs.

TCU Police (24 hours) 817.257.7777
TCU Counseling Center 817.257.7863
TCU Health Center 817.257.7940
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 817.257.7830
Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs 817.257.7820
Substance Use and Recovery Services 817.257.7100
Leadership and Student Involvement 817.257.7855
Center for Career & Professional Development 817.257.2222
Academic Advising 817.257.7486
Student Identify and Success 817.257.5557
Campus Recreation & Wellness Promotion 817.257.7529

TCU Compliance Officers

College students seek help from a variety of resources however; Taub and Thompson (2013) reported that 80% of students talked to their family members about their problems.  Parents and family members play an integral part in the detection of depression in their students.  There are various signs that one can look for if they suspect their student may be struggling with depression which may include: feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, irritability, lack of energy, loss of interest in activities or feelings of isolation.  TCU Health and Wellness professionals consider parents and family members to be our partners in working with your student’s health and safety.  Students may not know where to go for help- thus, it is important for you to communicate with your student about the resources on campus that are available to them and encourage them to seek help.  Please review the following brochure on warning signs for distress and the resources that are available to assist your student.

To learn more about Behavioral Health Assessment visit the page here.

The New Student and Family Programs team focuses on the transition from high school to college and connects students and their families to campus resources, academic life and the TCU community through Orientation, transfer student services, and parent and family programs.

Orientation is designed to assist incoming students and their families with the transition to university life by providing essential information and helping students meet new and continuing students, faculty and staff.

Transfer students are served by providing resources, programs and student mentors to help with a successful transition into TCU. Additionally, the Transfer Connection Space in the Tom Brown Pete Wright Apartment Commons allows transfers and veterans to enjoy student space, programs and computer/printer access.

Parent and Family Programs benefit parents and guardians in numerous ways such as assisting parents in the transitional experiences related to beginning college, providing resources and information to keep parents informed about and involved with the University, and creating a partnership between families and the University.

The TCU Parent & Family Council is comprised of families that meet on campus twice annually to discuss issues surrounding academic and co-curricular activities at TCU. In addition to receiving information, the parents provide feedback to administrators, serve as ambassadors to parents within their own communities and assist with University initiatives.

The TCU Parents Association is open to parents and guardians of all TCU students. It acts as a resource to inform, connect, engage, and empower parents to support the successful development of all TCU students and to affirm the mission of the University. Parents are encouraged to join the parent-run Parents Association either through a donation or by getting involved. Information about these programs and other resources may be found at