University Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual class attendance is essential for academic success and no assigned work is summarily excused because of absence regardless of the cause. Records of class attendance are the responsibility of the faculty. Please review the course’s syllabus regarding the instructor’s policy on attendance how it impacts your grade in the course. Students who miss an instructional experience are expected to meet with faculty to discuss their absence as soon as possible.

The Dean of Student’s can help students verify extraordinary events by collecting and storing appropriate documentation and then notifying the student’s professors.  The documentation allows the Dean’s office to verify the event to help faculty make an appropriate decision.  Please use this link to submit your documentation: SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION.   After you submit your documentation, you must communicate with your faculty about the absence.

When a student is absent to represent the university (as in athletics, chorus, band, national or state meetings of organizations represented at TCU), then an Official University Absence may be granted by the Dean of Students Office. Faculty members are required to permit students to make up work missed because of Official University Absences.