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Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities


The purpose of this document is to enumerate the essential provisions of the student’s rights and freedoms, together with the corresponding responsibilities which the student assumes while enrolled at Texas Christian University. It is understood by all persons concerned that the rights and responsibilities enumerated herein are to be exercised within the framework of the philosophies and objectives of the University.  If need for clarification arises, the University Judicial System shall be used to interpret the philosophies and objectives of the University.

A. The University shall be open to all applicants regardless of race, religion, sex, age or national origin who are qualified according to its admission requirements.

B.The appropriate facilities and services of the University shall be available to its enrolled students.

C. Each student has the responsibility to meet all of his/her financial obligations to the University.

D. Each student has the responsibility to observe the regulations of the University.

A. Any student who is in good standing with the University has the right to register for and attend any class (course) for which he/she has met the prerequisites as stated in the official University catalog and which is open to further enrollment.

B. Freedom of discussion and expression of views relevant to a course shall be protected.

C. Students are responsible for meeting the stated requirements of any class for which they are enrolled.

D. Students have the right to academic evaluations which are neither prejudiced nor capricious and which are based on stated class requirements.

A. The confidential status of student records including information about student views, beliefs and political association shall be protected. The term “confidential” means the ethical, moral, and legal responsibility not to divulge information of a personal nature that has been obtained in the course of a professional relationship except:

    1. When necessary to prevent an individual’s serious injury to him/herself and/or to another person;
    2. For use by members of the faculty and administration when necessary to carry on the internal operations of the University;
    3. When a parent or guardian has legal access to such records;
    4. When ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to release such information.

B. No entry may be made on a student’s official transcript without notification to the student.

C. Access to the University record (which includes a list of those who have had access to the records) is guaranteed to each student, subject only to applicable state and federal laws and reasonable University regulations as to time, place, and supervision.

D. Entries relating to student’s race and religion may be solicited but shall not become part of the student’s official transcript.

E. Within a maximum of eight years from the date of an individual’s termination from the University, a routine destruction of his/her disciplinary records shall be accomplished.

F. The student has the responsibility to give full, accurate and complete information for all official records required by the University.

Officially approved Spring 1977; last amended Spring 2017.
Full policy available through this link:  Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities