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3. Prohibited Conduct

3.1 Jurisdiction
3.2 General Rules and Regulations

3.2.1 Infliction of bodily or emotional harm
3.2.2 Hazing
3.2.3 Destruction of property
3.2.4 Weapons or dangerous devices
3.2.5 Tampering with safety equipment and arson
3.2.6 Dishonest conduct
3.2.7 Theft/unauthorized use of property
3.2.8 Unauthorized or abusive use of technology, computer equipment, programs, data, or resources
3.2.9 Failure to comply with University authority
3.2.10 Drugs
3.2.11 Alcohol
3.2.12 Unauthorized presence
3.2.13 Disorderly and/or disruptive conduct
3.2.14 Violation of local, state, or federal law
3.2.15 Violation of other published or announced University rules or regulations
3.2.16 Violation of the University’s Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation Policy
3.2.17 Tobacco
3.2.18 Abuse of the University conduct system

3.3 University Facility Standards

3.3.1 Building security
3.3.2 University community standards and safety
3.3.3 Residential living community standards and safety
3.3.4 Facility damage

3.4 Academic misconduct