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3.2.4 Weapons or dangerous devices

Use, storage, or possession of weapons or dangerous devices or substances, even if legally possessed, including, but not limited to firearms, ammunition, martial arts devices, knives, sling shots, arrows, axes, machetes, air-powered guns, blow guns, paintball guns, stun guns, pellet guns, toy or replica guns, tasers, pepper spray, fireworks, bottle rockets, explosives or propelling devices, dangerous chemicals, or flammable liquid. Possession of a weapon or threat of use of a weapon may result in immediate expulsion in addition to the filing of criminal charges. Students who are permitted to carry a handgun in a public place, according to Texas law, and active duty military may only possess a handgun on campus if it is stored in a locked motor vehicle; such students or active military may not have such a weapon anywhere else on campus.

Students may bring unloaded firearms, other weapons and ammunition directly to the TCU Police Department to be checked in and stored in a locked gun vault. The full TCU policy is available through this link: TCU Firearms and Weapons Policy