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3.2.6 Dishonest conduct

Dishonest conduct, including, but not limited to:

a. Knowingly reporting a false emergency, including improper use of emergency notification equipment;

b. Knowingly making a false Report of misconduct under the Code;

c. Misuse or falsification of any state, federal, or University documents, forms, records, identification cards, or funds by actions such as forgery, alteration, or improper transfer;

d. Unauthorized use (including misuse) of University organizational names, images, and/or logos;

e. Falsely attributing an activity to the University;

f. Representing oneself as the University in signing a contract or agreement;

g. Tampering with the election of any University-recognized student organization;

h. Submitting information to a University official known by the submitter to be false;

i. Possession of a false identification card or possession of another’s identification card;

j. Authorizing the creation of a false identification card; and/or

k. Encouraging another student to engage in dishonest conduct.