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3.3.2 University community standards and safety

Behaviors that endanger or interfere with the well-being of any member of the University community in University facilities are strictly prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:

a. Using, storing, or possessing fuel or gas-powered motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and/or motorbikes;

b. Possessing weapons, guns, and ammunition;

c. Misuse of, or tampering with firefighting equipment, including the inappropriate sounding of fire or smoke alarms;

d. Failing to report a fire or someone involved in setting a fire;

e. Failing to evacuate a building during a fire alarm or emergency or L.E.S.S. (i.e., Lockdown, Evacuate, and Seek Shelter) drills;

f. Igniting a candle, oil lamp, incense, device with an open flame, or any other material, including smoking any substance;

g. Any other behavior that places University facilities at risk for fire or destruction;

h. Being in the presence of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, or being in the presence of alcohol in a University facility, including a resident room/apartment, if a student is under 21 years of age, except as noted in section 3.2.11(d) or as provided in the Alcohol Use Policy;

i. Keeping or bringing pets or other animals (except fish in a tank no larger than ten (10) gallons into University housing or approved emotional support or service animals in all University facilities as outlined in the Animals in TCU Facilities Policy);

j. Failing to maintain an emotional support or service animal in accordance with approved accommodations by Student Access and Accommodation, Housing and Residence Life, and/or Fraternity and Sorority Life;

k. Participating in sporting activities (i.e. golf, basketball, skate boarding, roller blading, etc.) in areas not designated for such use and using equipment intended for outdoor use in University facilities; and/or

l. Throwing or discharging any item, including water, from windows.