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3.3.3 Residential living community standards and safety

Students are expected to adhere to a standard of behavior that allows others to live safely and comfortably in the University housing residential environment. In addition to the expectations listed in 3.3.2, the following behaviors, among others, are strictly prohibited in University housing:

a. Using or possessing any tobacco or nicotine products or paraphernalia, as provided by the Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, regardless of age;
b. Failing to register any social events or organization meeting with the Hall Director;
c. Causing excessive noise, especially during “Quiet hours” which are in effect from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight to 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday;
d. Violating the University housing visitation policy;
e. Failing as a host to escort any guests;
f. Using any electric room decoration not approved by the Hall Director (refer to Housing and Residence Life website for an approved list);
g. Using an unapproved electrical appliance or electric blanket (refer to Housing and Residence Life website for an approved list);
h. Possessing a refrigerator greater than 4.3 cubic feet, a refrigerator that uses more than 3 amps of electricity, or possessing more than one refrigerator in a room, unless approved by Housing and Residence Life;
i. Placing wires or antennas outside of the resident room; and/or
j. Engaging in door-to-door solicitation for any purposes.