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5.10 Interim Measures

In certain circumstances, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, or their designee may impose interim measures prior to the PCB, formal Conduct Panel, or Title IX Conduct Panel hearing. The implementation and facilitation of all interim measures, including interim support, remedial, and protective measures for Reports involving alleged violations of Policy 1.008 are administered by the Office of Institutional Equity or their designee, as appropriate.

5.10.1  Interim measures may be imposed:

a. To preserve a party’s educational experience;

b. To protect all parties during an investigation of alleged misconduct;

c. To address physical and emotional safety and well-being concerns of all parties and for members of the broader University community;

d. To protect and preserve University property; and/or

e. If the Respondent poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the University.

5.10.2 Interim measures are recommended by the Office of Institutional Equity, the Title IX Coordinator, the Dean of Students, the assigned Student Conduct Administrator, or their designee, as deemed   These interim measures are enforced by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or their designee, and may include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Prohibition from participating in student activities; representing TCU in any capacity such as playing on an official team, serving in student government, performing in an official band, ensemble, or production; participating in a recognized student organization; or participating in other University activities or privileges for which the Responding Student might otherwise be eligible;

b. Suspension, which includes denying access to campus, including classes;

c. Residence hall reassignment, which includes denying access to specified University housing buildings;

d. Residence hall suspension, which includes denying access to University housing;

e. Changing the Respondent’s class schedule, including transferring the student’s course sections;

f. Changing the Respondent’s  University work schedule or job assignment;

g. Imposition of a “no contact directive” to curtail contact and communication between the Respondent and other identified individuals, including a Reporting Party/reported harmed party/Complainant; and/or

h. Any other measures that may be used to achieve the goals outline in 5.10.1.

Respondents may also be referred to resources which can assist with any social emotional, financial aid, visa, or immigration concerns prior to the hearing.

5.10.3 Interim measures do not replace the regular conduct process, which shall proceed according to the procedures and timeline outlined in this Code, including a PCB, formal Conduct Panel, or Title IX Conduct Panel hearing, if required. However, the Respondent should be notified in writing of this action and the reasons for the interim measures. The notice should also include notification of the Respondent’s right to participate in the investigative process by OIE, the Dean of Students, or their designee.

5.10.4 The Respondent may request, in writing, an appeal of the interim measures to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or their designee within three (3) days of imposition of the interim An appeal hearing with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or their designee will be conducted without undue delay, but within no more than five (5) days of the appeal. Maximum time limits for scheduling an interim measures appeal may be extended at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.