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Initial Inquiry

Receipt of a Report

Upon receipt of a Report of a possible violation of TCU’s policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation, the OIE will make an Initial Inquiry to determine what actions should be taken based on the Report, including whether Interim Measures are appropriate; and the next steps for resolving the Report, including whether the Complainant, if any, or the OIE will submit a written Complaint and proceed to an Investigation.

Initial Inquiry Process

As part of the Initial Inquiry, the OIE will: contact the person who reported the conduct, if appropriate; contact the Complainant, if any; assess the nature of the Report; address immediate needs of the Complainant and the campus community; implement or recommend Interim Measures, as appropriate; discuss available options for resolution with the Complainant; provide the Complainant with information about resources both on and off-campus; and, assess for pattern evidence or other similar conduct by the Respondent. This assessment will continue until the OIE has sufficient information to determine an appropriate course of action to resolve the Report. In some instances, the OIE will engage in limited fact-finding to gain a better understanding of the context of the Report or take other appropriate steps, including contacting the Respondent and consulting with other TCU units that may have relevant information (e.g., TCU’s Threat Assessment Team, the TCU Police Department, Dean of Student’s Office, and/or Human Resources, etc.).

Formal Complaints

During the Initial Inquiry, the OIE will determine if the Complainant wishes to submit a written Complaint. When a Complainant requests anonymity or does not choose to submit a written Complaint and participate in any Informal or Formal Resolution Process to resolve a Report, the OIE will consider this request in the context of TCU’s responsibility to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all members of the TCU community. TCU’s ability to respond fully to or investigate a Report may be limited if the Complainant requests anonymity or declines to submit a Complaint or participate in an investigation or resolution process. A Complainant who initially requests anonymity or declines to submit a Complaint can always change their mind and request to pursue a resolution through submitting a Complaint.

Even if the Complainant does not wish to submit a Complaint, the OIE may elect to submit a Complaint based on the information in the Report or information gathered during the Initial Inquiry. If the OIE elects to submit a written Complaint, it shall timely inform the Complainant it has elected to do so. The OIE may consolidate Complaints where appropriate and necessary.

Conclusion of Initial Inquiry

The submission of a Complaint concludes the Initial Inquiry. If no Complaint is submitted by the Complainant or the OIE, the OIE may also conclude an Initial Inquiry by:  1) determining that no further action is necessary; or 2) that the matter has been resolved without the submission of a Complaint. If the Report includes information that may violate other University policies or standards, the OIE may also refer the matter to another TCU office for further action. Ordinarily, the OIE should complete an Initial Inquiry within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving a Report. If the Report involves a Complainant, the OIE will inform the Complainant of the outcome of the Initial Inquiry. If in the process of conducting an Initial Inquiry the Respondent was made aware of the Report, the OIE may also inform the Respondent that the Initial Inquiry has been concluded without further action.