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Interim Measures

Upon receipt of a Report or at any time during Initial Inquiry, Investigation and Formal Resolution or Voluntary Informal Resolution, TCU may provide reasonable and appropriate Interim Measures designed to preserve a party’s educational or work experience; protect all parties during an investigation; address safety concerns for the broader TCU community; maintain the integrity of the investigative and/or resolution process; deter retaliation; and/or any other reason deemed appropriate or necessary by the OIE. These measures may be supportive, remedial (measures designed to maintain continued access to educational programs and activities) or protective.

During the Initial Inquiry, the OIE will inform the Complainant of the availability of Interim Measures. Similarly, any Notice of Investigation to the Respondent shall include information about the availability of Interim Measures. Interim Measures may include but are not limited to: counseling; modifications of work or class schedules; changes in work or housing locations; and transportation accommodations [e.g., campus escort(s)]. The OIE will consider the Complainant’s and Respondent’s requests regarding Interim Measures. Interim Measures are equally available to both the Complainant and Respondent.

Interim Measures are not designed to be punitive or to materially interfere with a party’s access to a living, learning, or working environment. If the OIE determines that for the safety of a party or the community or to prevent further violations of TCU policy the University needs to implement Interim Measures that materially and adversely impact a party’s activities as an employee or as a student (e.g., interim suspension for a student or administrative leave for an employee), the determination on any such Interim Measure will be made by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (for students) or the Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer (for employees) or their designees. In implementing any such Interim Measure, the University will comply with any policies and processes that may apply to such interim action.