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Student Health Insurance

Undergraduates registered for nine or more semester hours are required to have health insurance through either an individual/family plan or the University-offered plan. International Students, regardless of classification, are required to carry the University-offered Aetna student health insurance as a minimum standard of coverage and are not eligible for a waiver of the insurance.  Exceptions are made only in the case of families with dependents residing in the United States and students on J visas. Enrollment is automatic for all students on F1 Visas.

Students registered for nine (9) or more undergraduate hours and who do not wish to participate in the University’s Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan MUST WAIVE the TCU Plan. In order to waive the TCU Plan, the student must have adequate health insurance coverage that is comparable to the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan and will remain in effect throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. Once the student has registered for classes, the university-offered Aetna student health insurance can be waived online at fall deadline for waiving the insurance is 5 P.M. – CST – August 27, 2021.

Undergraduates taking fewer than nine (9) hours and graduate students have the option to specifically elect the University-offered Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. After registering for fall classes, the student can elect the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan by entering that choice online at Fall coverage begins August 15, 2021 and the deadline for electing the insurance is 5 P.M. – CST – August 27, 2021.

Aetna Student Health Insurance, a student only plan, is a major medical policy that provides benefits for injuries, illnesses, and routine health care. Benefits can be used both on and off campus throughout the United States. In fact, benefits are provided worldwide for students studying abroad or traveling outside of the United States. Plan details can be found in the Benefit Brochure under “Insurance” on the Health Center’s website.

Some Highlights of the Plan include:

  • Major Medical Plan – No cap on Maximum Benefits
  • Preventive Care – Covered at 100% (No deductible)
  • No pre-existing exclusion
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefit
  • Individual Deductible – In-Network – $350 per Plan Year; Out-of-Network – $600 per Plan Year
  • Significant Savings when treated at the TCU Health
  • Center – services and supplies covered at 100%
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Benefit
  • Traveler’s Assistance Services
  • Informed Health ® Line provides 24-hour telephone access to registered nurses
  • Discount programs – vision, hearing, fitness, weight loss
  • Optional Dental Discount Program

The coverage period for Fall is 8/15/2021 through 1/9/2022. Spring coverage is 1/10/2022 through 8/14/2022.

Cost of Coverage for TCU Students: $1,082.00 per semester. Once a student has registered for classes, instructions to ELECT/WAIVE online are sent via e-mail to the student’s TCU address. Questions regarding the University-offered student health insurance can be addressed to