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Student Health Insurance

Undergraduates registered for nine (9) or more semester hours are required to have health insurance through either an individual/family plan or the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan.

Students subject to the above requirement who do not wish to participate in the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan must submit a valid waiver annually. To waive the TCU plan, the student must demonstrate comparable* health insurance that will remain in effect throughout the academic year. Instructions for waiving can be found at

International Students, regardless of classification, are required to carry the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan as a minimum standard of coverage and are not eligible to waive the insurance.  Exceptions are made only in the case of families with dependents residing in the United States and students on J visas. Enrollment is automatic for all students on F1 Visas.

Undergraduates taking fewer than nine (9) hours and graduate students enrolled in at least one (1) semester hour have the option to elect the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan. After registering for classes, the student can elect the plan by following the instructions at

The TCU Student Health Insurance Plan is a student-only plan. It is a major medical policy that provides benefits for injuries, illnesses, and routine health care all year, including summers. Benefits can be used both on and off campus throughout the United States. In fact, benefits are provided worldwide for students studying abroad or traveling outside of the United States. Plan details can be found at

To read more about the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan, visit  

*Comparable health insurance must cover the student within 50 miles from campus and must cover inpatient and outpatient medical care, mental health care, wellness, prescriptions, routine, and urgent care. Emergency/accident only plans do not satisfy this requirement. The insurance plan must be headquartered in the U.S. and must be compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medicaid-based plans established outside of Texas or the designated servicing area will not be accepted.