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Promotional Signage Policy

Texas Christian University encourages and supports the widespread promotion of all sanctioned campus events and activities as a vital part of a thriving university community. At the same time, the University recognizes that an attractive physical environment is critical to the overall advancement of the university.

Therefore, it is essential that printed posters, signs, notices and other materials distributed on campus be in good taste and posted in a manner that does not detract from the physical appearance of the campus, block walkways, or damage buildings or other surfaces.

To ensure maximum publicity for events, while maintaining campus integrity, the following guidelines shall apply:

  1. All notices and printed materials must carry the name/ logo and contact information of the student organization or university department responsible for distribution.
  2. Bulletin boards in academic buildings on campus may be used for posting publicity materials approved by the department responsible for maintaining the bulletin board. Written publicity and messages should not remain posted later than 24 hours after an event.
  3. Marking (including sidewalk chalk) or taping signs on buildings, sidewalks, and tree surfaces is not permitted.
  4. Posters and signs should not be taped on glass or affixed to wall surfaces not specifically designated as bulletin boards.
  5. Outdoor posters and signs should be prepared with waterproof materials to avoid illegibility, ink stains, and other problems in the event of rain or other bad weather. Signs may be no larger than 22×28 inches. These signs must be approved by the Brown-Lupton University Union administration. Sample of signs should be brought to the Information Desk at the Brown-Lupton University Union, where they will receive a stamp upon approval and subsequent printing of signs can be completed.
  6. Temporary freestanding publicity and directional signs may be used provided they are displayed not more than one week in advance of the event being promoted. Flashing signs and similar commercial-type-signs and marquees are not allowed on campus. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group to remove signs within 24 hours following the event. If these signs are outside of a building, they must be approved by the procedure above.
  7. The Unions offers numerous digital advertising options for student organization and campus departments. For information on digital platforms, as well as the digital policy, please visit > Resource > Digital Signage Policy > Digital Signage Request Form.
  8. Flyers are not permitted to be placed on automobile windshields.
  9. Posters and other promotional materials prepared for Student Government Association elections shall adhere to the regulations listed in the SGA Election Code to promote campus involvement in the election process.