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3.1 Jurisdiction

This Code applies to student conduct which occurs on University premises; at University sponsored activities; and to off-campus and online student conduct which, in TCU’s judgment, involves or adversely affects TCU or members of the University Community and/or the pursuit of its objectives, or substantially affects TCU’s interests. A substantial TCU interest is defined to include, but is not limited to:

A. Any situation where it appears that the student’s conduct may present a danger or threat to the health or safety of themselves or others;

B. Any situation that significantly impinges upon the rights, property, or achievements of self or others, or significantly breaches the peace and/or causes social disorder;

C. Any situation that is detrimental to the educational mission and/or interest of the University; and/or

D. Any situation or circumstance that violates the law.

A University Conduct Officer or their designee shall determine whether the Code applies to conduct occurring off-campus, on a case-by-case basis in their sole discretion.

This Code applies to all conduct by a student from the time the student is notified of their acceptance for admission or approval for re-enrollment after a period of non-attendance, through the actual awarding of a degree, even if the conduct occurs outside of an academic term or when the student is not otherwise enrolled at TCU. This Code also applies to the conduct of guests of University community members whose hosts may be held accountable for the prohibited conduct of their guests. In addition, TCU continues to have authority to administer the Code with respect to any conduct by a student, even if the student withdraws, transfers, takes leave, graduates, or is otherwise absent from TCU during or prior to completion of the conduct process, and even if TCU does not learn of such conduct until after the student withdraws, transfers, takes leave, graduates, or is otherwise absent from TCU.

All University students are responsible for knowing the information and procedures outlined in this Code. The University reserves the right to make changes to this Code as necessary, and once such changes are posted online, the changes are in effect. Substantive changes will be communicated to the students, faculty members, and University officials prior to posting online.